Our Board

Victoria Hellman, President

Victoria Hellman is a feminist and social justice activist who has enjoyed volunteering in organizations such as: women’s counseling service, anti-hunger programs, and women’s self-defense programs. Currently Victoria works at the Bureau of Emergency Communications [911] in an administrative support capacity.  This work affirms and contributes to her commitment to social justice.

As a volunteer instructor for Portland Police Bureau’s WomenStrength program Victoria finds it very rewarding working with diverse populations to offer opportunities for women and girls to gain self-confidence and a sense of empowerment.

Through her work as a director of a federally funded child development agency, an administrator for a women’s clinic and owner of a small business Victoria has approached leadership responsibilities with integrity, accountability and a commitment to empowering others.

Victoria’s personal values include a commitment to consensus building, respecting our differences and promoting equity and peace.  

Aman Weaver,  Secretary  

Aman spent the last decade working with adolescents throughout Portland providing behavioral health and substance use and abuse treatment,  as well emergency shelter to runaway / homeless youth and accommodations for youth requiring transitional housing.

Supplementing the work she has done professionally, Aman spent six years teaching self-defense in Portland Public Schools to young women, through the Portland Police Bureau’s Girl Strength Program.

Aman earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Portland State University, majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice, followed by internship with the Clark County Juvenile Justice Court, through which she embraced Restorative Justice Philosophy.

Aman  is passionate about preventative approaches to community conflict and believes this is the key for creating long term change within our communities and institutions.

Lydia Hershey, Secretary