EMERJ-SafeNow is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization that provides equity-based trauma-informed  violence prevention training and education. We know that talking about violence can be triggering for survivors of violence and oppression.  We use a care-defense approach, meaning we start with self-care and prioritize the needs of the individual and community before sharing violence prevention or self-defense skills.

EMERJ-SafeNow uses an assets-based  approach to preventing violence. We believe it is important to understand what factors protect people (protective factors)  or put them at risk (risk factors) for experiencing or perpetrating violence. We strive to build authentic and mutual relationships with each community, but proritize vulneable and underserved populations and organizatons.

Through collaboration, understanding, and mutual respect, we  aim to  increase community and/or individual strengths and resilencies. EMERJ-SafeNow  co-creates sessions, workshops, classes, and programs for communities  and organizations to address personal safety and  violence prevention concerns.