EMERJ-SafeNow offers year-round developmentally appropriate interactive sessions in the form of programs, workshops and camps (summer only) for under-served youth and children. All sessions aim to promote healthy behaviors and choices and are designed to build on individual and community strengths. EMERJ-SafeNow incorporates an equity and trauma-informed lens to address issues related to violence and personal safety. Learn more about our Approach and Care-defense.

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Programs, Workshops and Camps

Violence prevention strategies for youth who identify as girls,  or whose gender expression is female,  usually require a different set of skills to youth who identify as male.  Developmentally appropriate sessions for girls  focus on the following skills:

  • Understanding the importance of self-care/care-defense
  • Building physical and verbal strengths
  • Strengthening assertive communication for setting and maintaining boundaries
  • Identifying unhealthy relationships or risky behaviors/situations
  • Media and internet savy
  • Gender equity and more!

Sessions  are usually taught in 1-3 hour modules and are generally  6-8 sessions in length depending on the needs of each community or organization.

Sessions are developed in collaboration with participants and their famiiles/parents/caregivers/schools or organizations. EMERJ-SafeNow offers a sliding scale for payment and scholarships, as needed by each family community or organization. Sessions can be adapted to meet Oregon Common Core Standards for child sexual abuse prevention, sexual violence prevention and promoting healthy sexuality. Read more