Parents and Caregivers

We offer year-round sessions in the form of workshops and presentations for caregivers, parents and community members who want to learn more personal safety skills, training and resources for their families or community. Prior to any session, we meet with the family/parent/ caregiver/community member/leader to collaborate on topics and information that will be most appropriate and effective for the population requesting our services.

To schedule a free consultation or to find out more information contact us at 503-498-8452 or by email at  To find an upcoming event, workshop, program or camp, visit our events page.

Parents and caregivers often request workshops on  street smarts, internet safety and resources, as well as strategies to help  prevent their child experiencing bullying behaviors, dating violence, sexual assault and trafficking.  EMERJ-SafeNow provides culturally sensitive sessions on the following topics for adults using a variety of strategies to meet the learnning needs and  styles of different learners:

Child Advocacy

  • Self-Care and wellness
  • Mindfulness and healing after trauma
  • Safety planning and the importance of safe adults
  • Assertive communication techniques
  • Supportive allies and upstanding bystanders
  • Community support systems
  • Resources (locally, statewide and nationally)

Relationship Smarts

  • Healthy sexuality, identity and body image (in partnership with OWL (Owl Whole Lives) Curriculum
  • Identifying healthy relationships and communication
  • Setting personal limits and boundaries
  • Interpreting social norms through the media
  • Identifyiing abusive behaviors (child sexual abuse , dating and domestic violence)
  • Affirmative consent (verbally and nonverbally)
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Equity and privilege
  • Assertive communication techniques
  • Education on Sexual Assault (harassment, stalking, rape)
    • Healing, resources, confidentiality and options for reporting

Awareness and Street Smarts

  • Intuition & awareness strengthening
  • Identifying allies
  • Being safe in the environment
  • Harassment and bullying behaviors
  • Education on trafficking/commercial sexual exploitation
  • Internet safety (cyberbullying, sexting and sextortion)

EMERJ-SafeNow offers a variety verbal and physical skills to increase personal safety:

Verbal Techniques

  • De-escalation & conflict resolution
  • Negotiation & using false compliance
  • Yelling and breaking silence
  • Self-talk and internal thoughts

Physical Techniques

  • Escapes
  • Blocks & covers
  • Strikes & Kicks
  • Ground Protection
  • Protection  in  closed environments
  • Protection  with objects
  • Protecton from multiple attackers
  • Weapons Protection

Our collaborative approach for schools and organizations  incorporates Oregon Common Core Standards and laws for sexual violence prevention, healthy sexuality promotion and child abuse prevention educaiton. To meet these standards we draw on a variety of curriculi, research, experience and knowledge.

The Healthy Teen Relationship Act (House Bill 4704), mandates that each school district adopt a policy addressing teen dating violence.

Erin’s Law: Child Sex Abuse Prevention (Senate Bill 856), requires  school districts to adopt developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive child sexual abuse prevention programming for students K-12.

Human Sexuality Education (OAR Rule 581-022-1440) requires schools to teach comprehensive, age appropriate, medically accurate sexuality education. This law also mandates child abuse prevention and healthy relationships instruction.  EMERJ-SafeNow uses the OWL, Our Whole Lives Matter, Curriculum. Read more (link to Partnerships)