We emphasize self-care as prevention and protection and understand the impact that trauma and violence may have on a person and community’s well being. This is why we use the phrase “care-defense” versus self-defense. We put the community and individuals in the lead before sharing our skills and expertise.

We understand that violence through the life span is associated with risk and protective factors which is why we used an assets-based approach. EMERJ-SafeNow works in collaboration with communities to identify individual and community strengths and protective factors such as:

  • Empathy
  • Emotional health
  • Connectedness to community/family
  • Academic achievement
  • Support from parents/caregivers (reasoning skills to solve problems)

We also help communities identify risk factors which include the characteristics of the individuals in their community as well as the social and physical environment.

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Research on Sexual Violence Prevention (SV)

Risk factors  for SV perpetration, as identified by the CDC in the Stop SV Report include:

  • Child physical abuse
  • Exposure to parent or caregiver violence
  • Involvement in delinquent behavior
  • Acceptance of violence
  • Hyper-masculinity
  • Traditional gender role norms
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Early sexual initiation and sexual risk taking behavior
  • Association with sexual aggressive peer groups
  • Poverty or low socio-economic status
  • Exposure to community crime
  • Social norms that support SV
  • Male sexual entitlement
  • Ineffective laws and policies related to SV

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