Our Values

Leading with Equity

EMERJ-SafeNow understands that the underlying cause of violence is oppression. To truly end violence we must address the dynamics of oppression and privilege  which often lead to violence being perpetuated through  silence, denial and normalization.  EMERJ-SafeNow recognizes  that many  societal practices sustain systemic oppression, which is why we strive to make  intentional and recognizable changes in our practices and services inorder to prioritize  social justice and intitate change at a personal, community and societal level.

Relationship Building

Building an authentic relationship with the community is a crucial component of our work. Our approach to preventing violence and initiating change is  aligned with  Relational Cultural Theory (RCT)  a  model for growth and change that aims to build  empathic and authentic relationships. We believe that strengthening community resiliency, while  simultaneously building individual awareness, advocacy skills and confidence, can help communities heal, reduce and prevent violence.

Trauma-Informed Approach

EMERJ-SafeNow believes in the importance of creating safe spaces for communities to heal and hold space for each other while learning personal safety skills. We emphasize self-care as prevention and protection and understand the impact that  violence may have on a person and a community’s well being.