People with Disabilities

People who are differently abled

Workshops, presentations and on-going sessions 

EMERJ-SafeNow understands that people who are differently abled are at high risk for violence and sexual assault. We work with communities and organizations to identify community strengths and gaps in services. We do this through listening sessions or meetings with communities, organizations and families. EMERJ-SafeNow sessions  focus on building trust and safety for sharing information  and collaboration.

EMERJ-SafeNow customizes personal safety skills to meet the needs of each participant, taking into consideration past traumatic experiences, age and differing abilities. We also partner with organizations to strength protective factors and resources.

Topics for people with different abilities  include:

  • The importance of  self-care and well being as self-defense
  • Identifying unsafe people and behaviors
  • Assertive communication and boundaries
  • Financial safety
  • Accessing support allies, bystanders and safe adults in their lives
  • Internet safety
  • Physical and non-physical self-defense skills

To find out more information,  contact: EMERJ-SafeNow at 503-498-8452