Who We Serve

Summer Camps Open for youth in high school and grades 3-5.  Read more.

Camps cover topics related to violence prevention and personal safety.

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Sessions are designed to be culturally specific and  focus on the skills identified in prior  listening sessions with the population requesting our services. We  focus on building trust and safety for sharing information  and collaboration.

EMERJ-SafeNow  takes into  consideration past traumatic experiences, if any; the age, experience and abilities of  participants. For populations at high risk of assault or abuse such as children, young adults, people who identify as a woman (cisgender and transgender), the LGBTQ community, older adults,  people with different abilities, marginalized communities and communities with limited resources, EMERJ-SafeNow offers a choice of strategies and skills to implement before, during and after violence or abuse:  verbal, non­­­-verbal or physical.

The  LGBTQ  Community

EMERJ-Safenow offers year round personal safey sessions to youth and adults who identify as a sexual minority. We collaborate with individuals, families, schools and partner with organizations to provide care-defense strategies, resources and skills to meet the safety needs of the LGBTQ community.

Older adults

EMERJ-SafeNow collaborates with community partners such as Elders in Action and the  Portland Police Bureau to bring resources and services to vulnerable communities.Topics may include:

  • Self-care and well being as self-defense
  • De-escalation and assertive communication
  • Maintaining boundaries with aggressive or unhealthy  colleagues, neighbors, family members or friends
  • Internet safety and abuse
  • Physical and non-physical skills

People who are Differently Abled

EMERJ-SafeNow collaborates with community partners  and the  Portland Police Bureau to bring resources and services to people with developmental, physical or cognitive disabilities. Our facilitators are trained and have extensive experience working with people who are differently abled.

Children and Teens

EMERJ-SafeNow offers year-round developmentally appropriate interactive sessions  for  youth and children. All sessions aim to promote healthy behaviors and choices and are designed to build on individual and community strengths. EMERJ-SafeNow incorporates an equity and trauma-informed lens to address issues related to violence and personal safety. Learn more about our Approach and Care-defense.

EMERJ-SafeNow understands that violence prevention strategies differ for different genders. We offer sessions for  youth who identify as boys,  girls and for  youth who identify as transgender, or whose gender is fluid or non-conforming.  Sessions cover similar topics such  self-care,  mindfulness, emotional strength, communication skills, respecting boundaries, healthy relationships as well as appropriate non-physical and physical self-defense skills.