As a 63rd old female, going to the workshops was informative, empowering, and beneficial to me. As an older adult, I was doubting my strength and ability as I’ve lost muscle through aging.  Carolyne, Aman and Tania were professional, compassionate and fully involved in preparing those of us in the worshops to believe that we could do self-care after the incident, de-escalate someone else (as well as ourselves) and defend ourselves. 

They taught us awareness of who passes by in order to recall accurately. They explained safe distances, if you’re being approached in a potentitallly negative manner, where there is a threat. How to shock an attacker and  other techniques to throw them off their intent.  All in all, it was a great way for me to know I am still strong and can defend myself. I know what to do in dangerous situations.”   Mary H. April 15, 2017 

“ I had a wonderful time in the EMERJ class. I hope we do it again.” – Rosa Parks 4th grader, Winter 2018


Grant High School  Workshops,  9th Graders- May-June 2018

“It was powerful to consider boundaries and how to enforce them.”

“I like talking to my peers about this. It was really fun.”

“The work with consent was important.”

“I really enjoyed practicing powerful ways to say, “No!”

“We kept moving the entire time…That kept us engaged.”

“Really cool and smart. Grant needs this.”

“All the interactive activities were engaging, and I felt like they went really well.”

“This needs to be taught more often! Thank you!”

“Loves it all.”

“Really loved today’s activities! Felt good to know it’s ok to say, ‘No.”

“We can end violence.”

“I really enjoyed practicing saying, ‘No,’ and being shown examples of boundaries being invaded.”

“I learned to say, ‘No,’ clearly so that both the perpetrator and the witnesses know what I mean. Really empowering.”

“The presentation was really informative and reinforced a lot of what I already know.”

“I liked how it was hands-on.”