Customized workshops, presentations and on-going sessions are designed in collaboration with LGBTQ Communities and Organizations

Sessions focus on the skills identified in prior listening sessions or meetings with communities or organizations that request our services.

Workshops focus on building trust and safety for sharing information and collaboration.

EMERJ-SafeNow customizes  personal safety/care-defense  skills to meet the needs of the participants, taking into consideration past traumatic experiences, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability of participants.

EMERJ-SafeNow  collaborates with partner organizations to provide resources and services to help meet the specific needs of each community.

Care-Defense Topics include

  • The importance of self-care and well being as self-defense
  • De-escalation and assertive communication
  • Interrupting oppression and micro aggressions with colleagues, neighbors, family members or friends
  • Internet safety and media savy
  • Safety on the street and strategies to deal with harrassment
  • Physical self-defense skills and more!

Workshops and Programs are scheduled throughout the year at NE Community Center and Friendly House. Go to our events page to find an upcoming workshop. Or to schedule a workshop call  503-498-8452